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We’re Getting Married


Saturday, August 26, 2023









August 26, 2023
Doors open at 1:00 PM
Ceremony Starts at 1:30 PM


Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
1233 TX-66 #136, Garland, TX 75040

How We Met

Kai’s story:

I had been praying for my future husband for some years now. I was praying that God would find me a man who loved Him and had the characteristics that he would want in my husband. I was also praying that He would prepare my husband and me for marriage.

On Christmas, a friend sent me a text telling me about a Christian dating class that was being held in downtown Dallas. I was exhausted with the dating scene–asking different people on dates, going to networking events, and trying different dating apps. However, I had never tried a Christian dating class, so I decided to sign up (albeit late). The first day of class, we were given the assignment to go on 5 dates a week with people we were interested in. (spoiler: I had zero people I was interested in.) Soon afterwards, a girl started yelling her number out, and then guys were typing it in their phones. Then, everybody started getting the numbers of people around them. Daniel was sitting to the table next to me, so I got his number and took a picture of him. (I have to say I took a terrible picture of him that was blurry and out of focus). It wasn’t love at first site, but in subsequent classes Daniel always sat next to me. (‘Til this day, he is always right next to me–to the point I call him my shadow). Through the class exercises, Daniel and I got to know each other without pressure.

After about 2 weeks, I was jamming to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and texted it to Daniel. In reply, Daniel asked me out on a date. We hung out every weekend–almost all day–for weeks until Daniel got sick. By the second date, I was already calling my friend–telling her I found my husband–and praying God would prepare Daniel’s heart to ask me to be his girlfriend. I loved hanging out with Daniel–his easy going personality, relationship with God, go-getter/planning attitude. He would plan our dates–his fingers would be typing away on his computer looking up ideas on where to go on dates. On one of our dates, we were literally laying on a floating plastic pier on a lake that was splattered with bird poop, but we were totally content and basking in each other’s presence. I loved that he loved to read and gave me books to read (the Hobbit and Narnia) that I thoroughly enjoyed. We had a forced break when Daniel was sick for two weeks, but this gave Daniel time to think about asking me out. After he recovered, he took me to a Christian museum in Dallas, and I started giving him the “Oh, my hands are cold.” Hinting for him to warm my hands–when I just wanted him to hold my hand. Then, when were in the car after, I helped him ask me out. I knew I would be his first girlfriend, so I figured I’d help a brother out. We fell in love pretty fast–in a month. To speed to current times–We have been inseparable ever since. I know that he is human, and I do not expect him to be my everything. However, I love Daniel so much because he is soo amazing exactly the way he is! If I wrote out all the reasons why, this would be a series of books, so I’ll let Daniel tell his side of the story <3

Daniel’s Story:

I had been attending small group twice a month in a 30-40’s group for about two years now. I met some great people there but had always felt a certain level of anxiety with asking for phone numbers or moving from a group environment into dating. I wondered “What was dating?” I felt like I was lost and uncertain and needed a change.

Then some people in my small group suggested a Christian dating class, I signed up. Right off the bat I loved the class. It reminded me so much of how we as Christians should live our lives, walking in joy and not being afraid. Dating is supposed to be about having fun and making a friend. A friend who will be your life long partner. Some might disagree but that’s how I felt.

So there I was at the first dating class and I was already feeling quite comfortable. Then the hard part… Asking girls for numbers. We were encouraged to ask for the numbers of ten women. God bless all those confident people who started confidently sharing and asking for contact information. I felt more comfortable to ask the girl I had sat with the whole class even if she seemed a tad distant. But then Kai, who was sitting at the table to my right, asked me for my number. I was impressed with her courage.

Next week I came to class slightly early and guess who I saw sitting in the front row? Kai. She looked so very sharp in her business dress typing on her laptop that I was immediately interested in talking to her and seeing what she was working on. I don’t really remember what we talked about, but as class started, I turned my focus onto class with a positive opinion and thinking she was quite smart. I got along with Kai so well that I felt secure sharing initimate details with her.

By the third week of class (which covered flirting) I was confident that dating wasn’t so hard after all. So when Kai texted me, I asked if she was busy that day. She was not. One invite later and we were set to go on a date to Main Event. Kai later told me I got to see her “hyper” side which was still pretty cute. For the second date I took Kai to a lake and we flew a drone around. Neither of us wanted the date to end so we made a trip to Walmart and bought a deck of cards and Uno Dare. After that I was hooked. Kai has a talent with languages and accents that brings so much joy into conversations. I had so much fun playing and talking with Kai that I didn’t want to stop.

Shortly after our next date I got sick and then was moving, so I didn’t see Kai for two to three weeks. But boy I was texting her like she was my new best friend. I’d call her when I was on the way to my old house (that I had cleaning to do at) and chat the whole way. Then I’d video call and one hand is cleaning/packing and the other would be holding Kai. From there, things continued in that vein where I either was talking to Kai or planning dates. I came to realize through this process that I loved Kai. I loved her smile, I loved her infectious laughter, I loved her ability to be cute/funny, I loved her relationship with God and so much more. She has brought such joy to my life and I thank God everyday that Kai is a part of my life.


Traditionally, engaged couples would create a wedding registry to aid in setting up their new home. However, due to our upcoming move to Japan, where space will be limited, a conventional registry isn’t feasible for us. Instead, all our purchases will be made after our relocation, allowing us to curate a home that reflects our new life and the beautiful culture of Japan.

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